Thank you so much for a really enjoyable concert last night: it came over really well and the audience was full of enthusiasm for programme and performance, so the communication came across as hoped! Among the comments at the door the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘fun’ featured a lot and everyone was really glad to support us as we make a way to a full year’s singing.

It was great to have Tom Stapleton back and his solos were a real high point; the choir’s accompaniment of him in Ca’ the Yowes and Brigg Fair was really sensitive and colourful and there were lots of moments through the evening where the unusual textures and moods were captured perfectly, including the end of Ca’ the Yowes, which was quite magical!  Matthew worked hard on the McDowall and provided an unshakeable support in the more rhythmically demanding moments and it was good to hear his solos too.